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    Thank you for visiting my website. It's a combination of professional information for you regarding my personalized audiology practice, as well as an informal journal.  I find things in my day-to-day practice that I would like to share with patients and visitors that time doesn't permit. So this is my effort to sit down at my desk and talk about what's new, technology, problems, solutions, and perhaps a good story i've picked up from over 25 years in practice. If you have a comment or a question I would appreciate hearing from you.

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    Once in a while it's nice to receive validation.

    Yesterday I received a very nice email from a new patient, as a response to a routine audiologic report I sent to him:

    "...The pleasure was all mine.  What a refreshingly pleasant experience dealing with someone who took a sincere interest in the important aspects of my health.  You should patent how you treat patients.  It was clear that I was your single focus, and that you were going to do whatever you needed to do in order to understand and help me with my issues. I assure you that if I ever learn of anyone who has a hearing related concern, I will recommend you, and only you to be the first person they work with. I just wish I could do more.  I'm not sure I will end up going the hearing aid route at this time.  But, if I ever do, you are my man."


    Lesson: Keep following the "Golden Rule"