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    Thank you for visiting my website. It's a combination of professional information for you regarding my personalized audiology practice, as well as an informal journal.  I find things in my day-to-day practice that I would like to share with patients and visitors that time doesn't permit. So this is my effort to sit down at my desk and talk about what's new, technology, problems, solutions, and perhaps a good story i've picked up from over 25 years in practice. If you have a comment or a question I would appreciate hearing from you.

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    In the first few days of using the new technology I noticed that a few of my patients had visual problems and were having some problems seeing the smaller monitory. So after some research I found the answer by installing (5 hours later) a 47" LCD flat screen monitor on the wall (click on the small picture). The difference is that almost all of my patients can see what their hearing aids are doing on the big screen.



    Who's the guy in the funny glasses?

    He's my new poster boy to celebrate the arrival of my new Audioscan Verifit Hearing Aid Fitting System!

    As you'll see below I've invested in the latest hearing instrument fitting system to better serve my hearing aid patients. The Verifit allows me to show patients exactly what they're getting with new hearing aid technology. It can even replicate the frustrating sounds of your hearing loss. Digital hearing aids need to be fit/tested with using a Verifit and currently I am the only practitioner in North County who has the latest from AudioScan. I am both proud and excited to have this latest gold standard in hearing aid fitting technology to provide my patients with the best service and quality of fit. More information to come.


    AudioScan Verifit 2011



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