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    Hearing aids don't get showers.


    Most of the time human hearing is more stable than hearing aid performance. That's because humans take showers to get clean but hearing aids never do. So imagine a hearing aid, day in and day out, that never gets cleaned. It sits in 98.6 degrees (the ear), with heat, body oils, cerumen (wax), and humidity. It builds up over time and the end result is that utimately debris will find a way to get into the hearing aid, the earmold, the microphone, etc. In my experience, 90% of the time when a patient says "my hearing aid just quit working" it's due to blockage some kind. Once a microphone or speaker is blocked the sound quality and speech intelligibility with a hearing aid can be significantly reduced or stop, altogether.

    Lesson: Hearing aids need maintenance on a regular basis. They never get showers.

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