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Before establishing Hearing Health Care of San Marcos in August 1986, the owner and audiologist, Gregory W. Hall, MA, was on staff in audiology at Loma Linda Surgery Medical Group and has worked in the field of hearing impairment for over 34 years.

Your hearing care starts with a complete evaluation -- one so complete that many area physicians and specialists send their patients to Hearing Health Care of San Marcos whenever a hearing evaluation is needed.

After your testing is complete, we may discover that you can benefit from current digital hearing aid technology. And you'll be glad to know we offer most every brand, model, and type of hearing aid available. Your audiologist will work closely with you, learn about your lifestyle and your personal preferences and then make treatment recommendations and technology that suits your particular cosmetic and performance needs.

Your audiologist will never dispense to you a product and send you on your way. It's just not the way we do things. Once your hearing aid is designed, programmed, and ready to use, we'll create a fit that reconnects you to your world. Our focus is on optimizing your understanding of speech, enjoyment of music, and perception of environmental cues for safety. We'll also work with you so that you're completely informed about your hearing loss and new digital hearing instruments. Before you leave the office, we'll do a final check to ensure the device meets our standards of quality performance. Then we'll schedule your follow-up appointment so we can be sure your hearing aid is meeting your needs. 

Hearing Health Care San Marcos can also provide hearing instrument service and repair with it's on-site lab, as well as adjustments and reprogramming to your current hearing instrument, as needed.

And finally, we're here for you. Don't wait another day to enjoy the sounds of your life. Trust the person who really cares about you and your hearing for over 30 years.

Hearing for Life,

Gregory W. Hall, MA F.A.A.A
Fellow American Academy of Audiology
Licensed Clinical Audiologist
Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser

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